Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to become an investor of the fund?

  • Register on the Fund's website

  • Specify the address of your Ethereum-purse in your account. You can create a wallet on the official , & nbsp; , . Important: Specify in your account only the addresses of the purses from which you have private keys.

  • In your account, you will see the address of the Smart contract, to which you will send the desired amount of Ethereum crypto currency from your wallet. Important: & nbsp; You can only transfer money from & nbsp; Ethereum-purses from which you have private keys. & nbsp; A smart contract calculates tokens for the purse from which the broadcasts came. If the money came from the exchange service or from the exchange, the tokens will receive an exchanger or exchange, respectively.

  • A smart contract will automatically charge the fund's tokens to your purse's address. The number of tokens is calculated using the formula below.

  • Tokens=Investments / TokenPrice - Fee,

    where Tokens is the number of tokens produced, Investments is the size of the investment, TokenPrice is the current price of the token, Fee is the Fund's commission.

& nbsp;

Can I transfer money to a Smart Contract from the Exchange?

  • No. You can not transfer the Crypto-currency to the Smart-contract address from the addresses of third-party exchange services and crypto-exchange exchanges
  • If you have a purse on a crypto-exchange or any third-party exchange service, then you need to: register an official Ethereum purse, following the instructions; & nbsp; transfer it to a crypto currency from your billing address or from a third-party service address, then, with & nbsp; of this & nbsp; purse to send a crypto currency to the address of the Smart contract

What is a smart contract?

  • A smart contract is an electronic algorithm or condition in which the parties can exchange assets.
  • Smart contracts allow you to get rid of intermediaries in the form of banks, lawyers, notaries and so on, as they independently verify the terms of the transaction and confirm it.
  • Due to the technology of Blocking, a smart contract is stored in a distributed decentralized registry and neither party is able to replace or alter it.

Where can I find out the address of the smart contract for investment?

The address of the smart contract will be available in the personal account after registration on the fund's website. For each investment portfolio, its own smart contract and its own token.

In what currency are the investments accepted?

Investments are accepted in the Ethereum (ETH) crypto currency by transferring it to the address of the smart contract.

Are investments made in rubles, dollars and euros?

Currently not. In the future, after we have completed all the necessary legal documents and obtained licenses for trust management, we will accept investments in fiat currencies.

Where to buy the Ethereum crypto currency?

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) through exchangers, a full list of which can be found on the Westchange website, and also through specialized & nbsp; bots in Telegram.



What is a fund token?

The fund token confirms the user's right to own a portion of the total capital of the investment portfolio.

How much does the Fund's token cost?

The value of the fund's token is constantly growing, which is a source of profit for investors. In the summer of 2017 1 token could be bought for $ 1. Now its value has grown along with the Fund's capital.

The value of the token is fixed daily at 6:00 pm UTC (22:00 MSK) & nbsp; for the next day. This rule is necessary for making settlements with the clients of the fund.

The value of the token is also calculated in BTC and ETH.

Due to what the price of the token grows?

The price of the token grows due to the growth of the value of the investment portfolio, which grows due to the correct investment decisions of fund managers.

What is the stock token provided?

The fund's token is secured by the capital of the investment portfolio, that is, the block-asset assets into which the Fund invests.

Why register on the site?

  • Our fund is aimed at long-term cooperation with customers, therefore, through its personal cabinet & nbsp; registered users & nbsp; are provided with information, consulting services, & nbsp; and also displays full information on investment portfolios and the price of the fund's tokens.
  • In addition, it is important to understand that the affiliate program & nbsp; is only available to registered users & nbsp;

How much money can I invest?

  • You can invest any amount.

Can I dispose of tokens as I see fit?

Certainly. At any time, you can sell your tokens in part, or completely. Also you can send your tokens to the third & nbsp; persons.

Can I sell the Fund's tokens on third-party exchanges?

Yes. & nbsp; You can sell tokens on third-party decentralized exchanges on which they are submitted.

Where are the Fund's tokens stored after purchase?

Purchased tokens are stored on your Ethereum-purse, whose address is indicated in your account. Thus, the fact of possession of tokens is fixed in the blockbuster of the network of the Etherium.

How can I withdraw my money?

  • The withdrawal of funds from the fund is carried out by sending tokens to the address of the smart contract of the fund's investment portfolio.
  • Find out the address of the smart contract in your account.
  • A smart contract burns the received tokens, and sends the Ethereum (ETH) crypto currency to the user on its Ethereum-wallet specified in the account.
  • Attention ! The withdrawal of funds is possible only for the purse indicated in the personal account. It should be an official purse. Do not use the addresses of crypto-exchange exchanges and third-party exchange services. & Nbsp;

How is the amount of crypto currency calculated when withdrawing funds?

The amount of Ethereum crypto currency sent to the investor is calculated by the formula:

Ethereum=Tokens * TokenPrice - Fee,

where Ethereum is the crypto currency, Tokens is the number of tokens, TokenPrice is the current price of the token, Fee is the commission.

How to choose a portfolio for investment?

Currently, only one portfolio is available that is balanced in terms of risk and return.

What is the motivation of fund managers?

Fund managers receive a commission for success. That is, the more your profit, the more their commission.

Does the fund guarantee profitability?

The fund can not guarantee profitability, however we make every effort to ensure that our investors receive the maximum profit with minimal or specified risk. The estimated yield per month, based on past statistics, can reach 30-50% per month.

What strategy should I follow when investing in a fund?

Everyone determines for himself the strategy, based on financial resources and risk tolerance.

On which investor is the fund aimed?

The fund's target customer is a person who understands the prospects of the crypto-currency market and wants to invest in it, however, due to its employment and / or lack of experience, it does not have the ability to independently evaluate the block-assets, to rebalance the portfolio, to trade on the stock exchange.

What is the main benefit of the fund for the investor?

The foundation provides a convenient and secure platform for the investor. By purchasing a fund token, you receive immediately ready-made investment portfolio, followed by professionals.

Is the foundation a pyramid (hip)?

No. The Rubus Fund is not a pyramid, and here are a few reasons:

  • the profitability is not achieved due to the influx of new investors (the Ponzi principle), but due to the increase in the value of the block-assets the fund invests in;
  • the fund does not guarantee profitability;
  • investments are carried out through a smart contract, that is, all operations are confirmed and fixed in the blockhouse
  • all operations for entering and withdrawing funds from the fund are recorded in an online table and are available to everyone 24/7;
  • the fund and fund managers earn on commissions that are also fixed in the online table.

Where is the Foundation registered?

The issue of legal registration of the Fund is being resolved. In the face of constantly changing conjuncture, our lawyers select the most appropriate jurisdiction for the registration of the Fund. For information : during a joint study with one of the reputable law firms, it was found that 95% of the block-projects work without official registration.

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