Structure and team of the fund

Foundation Team

Enthusiasts and professionals who are confident in the prospects of the crypto-currency market, the possibilities of blockage, innovative development of the economy and modern technologies.

The founders of the Foundation are businessmen and financiers who have experience in entrepreneurial and managerial activities, practice in creating and developing successful business projects, and many years of practical skills in investing in the classical and crypto-currency markets.


Legal support of the Foundation is provided by professional lawyers and consultants with international experience in various jurisdictions and financial spheres.

The development of the site, applications and technical infrastructure of the Fund including the Smart Contract, an automated portfolio balancing system, is carried out by our developers who have experience in creating blocking services. All products used in the work of the Foundation undergo thorough testing and verification.

Stock Governors

People from the number of professional traders, analysts who have extensive experience in financial markets. They are the core of our team, and at the same time do not want to be public. Analysts of the Fund use in their work tools of technical and fundamental analysis. Competent risk management and cold calculation ensure the fund's profitability.

Fund Structure

Founders' Council
Development Department
Analytical department
Marketing Department
Agent network of crypto fund partners

Contact Information

You can contact the Fund team through an agent (partner) network.
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