Terms of investing in the "Rubus" crypto fund

Investing in the Rubus Crypto Fund is carried out by transferring funds to the address of smart contracts that ensure the openness, reliability and security of payments.

Be sure to get acquainted with the full description of the investment portfolios of the Rubus Crypto fund.

To become an investor in Rubus Crypto fund you need:

& nbsp;
Buy Ethereum using the exchanger
Sign up
on the site
get link to registration
from the person who

recommended the Fund
& nbsp;
Enter the address
your wallet
in your account
Choose one
or several
investment portfolios
Trnsfer Ethereum
to the addresses of smart contracts
& nbsp; the addresses are indicated in the personal account
Smart Contracts
automatically charge
tokens of the fund
Withdraw your funds
at a time convenient for you
It is enough to send tokens to the address of the smart contract
your tokens
at any time
  • Create an Ethereum-wallet. You can do this quickly and safely using the https://myetherwallet.com , https://mycrypto.com . Keep a private key from your wallet in a secure place.
  • Buy Ethereum, using the exchanger.
  • Sign up for https://rubus.fund . Ask for a link to register with the person who recommended Fund to you.
  • In your account, please specify the address of your Ethereum-purse. This should be the address of the official purse. Do not specify the addresses of the purses of crypto-exchange exchanges and third-party exchange services, such as Cryptonator, etc. in your account
  • After successful registration, choose one or more investment portfolios.
  • Translate Ethereum to the address of the smart contract of your chosen investment portfolio. The addresses of smart contracts are indicated in the personal account.
    !!! You can not transfer funds not from the purse indicated in the Personal Area. !!! You can not transfer money from crypto-exchange exchanges and exchangers directly.
  • A smart contract automatically charges the fund tokens based on the current price of the token on the purse from which the Ethereum crypto currency came.
  • You can at any time manage your tokens at your discretion on the Rubus Orange portfolio. On other portfolios, depending on the strategy, there are restrictions on output.
  • In order to withdraw your funds, it is enough to send the tokens to the address of the smart contract that will automatically burn the tokens and send to your address the Ethereum crypto currency
The number of tokens credited to the investor is calculated by the formula: Tokens = Investments/TokenPrice - Fee, where Tokens is the number of tokens produced, Investments - Size of investment,
TokenPrice - current price of the token, Fee - Fund commission.
The price of the token is determined by the formula: TokenPrice = Capital/Supply, where Capital - Portfolio capital, Supply - Number of tokens in turnover.


Rubus Crypto Fund, like any classical investment fund, earns on commissions for the provision of trust management services. The commission is necessary to maintain the motivation of the Fund Managers, a decent level of service, reliability and security. Commissions are withheld for investment, withdrawal of funds, as well as for trust management services.

The fees for the Rubus Orange portfolio:
9% funds
in the investment currency (ETH)
held on investment
(acquisition of RTO tokens)
5% means
in ETH is held
when withdrawing funds
from the Fund (selling tokens)
0.6% of the total
the fund in ETH is held
monthly for services
on trust management
The fees for the Rubus Black portfolio:
2% means
in the investment currency (ETH)
held on investment
(acquisition of RTB tokens)
45% commission
from profit
counting towards USD is held
monthly for services
on trust management


The Ruby & Crypt; is transparent to its depositors. The results of investment activities are reflected in the personal account, as well as in the online tables. Links to tables are available in the personal account of the investor.

For large investors the Fund discloses additional information about investment strategies, software and crypto-protection technologies.

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